Pollo Asado al Carbon

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The directions below call for whole, chickens, but I often do this with bone-in breasts (no one in my house likes dark meat). I’ve had my best results with this recipe when using my FrankenSmoke in its “roaster” configuration.



Clean up the fowl. You can part them out, but it’s more fun to roast the whole damned things. Use kitchen shears to remove the spine, flip those bastards over and snap their breastbones so they lay flat. Find something to contain your little salmonella factories and douse them with about half of the marinade. Let those fuckers rest (in the fridge moron) for a few hours.

Now it’s time for the grillification. The key to this operation is indirect heat. If your all purist and shit and using charcoal, then you’ll want to get your coals started, then shove those fuckers out of the center. Now me, I’m a propane man myself, so I just fired the two outer burners on my grill up and set them on medium-low. Your aiming at a temperature of 325-350. That’s in Fahrenheit, because fuck you Celcius loving bastards.