Home Renovation: Progress So Far

Well, for the last few hold outs reading this blog, I suppose it comes as absolutely no shock that I’ve spectacularly failed to provide updates on my new home renovation project. So here’s a quick run down on the last four months.

Since the house I bought had been a rental there was quite a bit of cosmetic work required before I moved in. Basically every room had some sort of drywall damage. Additionally, ceiling fans had been added to every room — and I hate ceiling fans. So the last four months has been taken up with patching drywall and painting. I also took the opportunity to properly paint the kitchen cabinets. Some living room furniture later and I’m now moved in. There is still plenty to do; including an eventual complete renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms and new flooring. Updates will be posted when I feel like it. A gallery of in-progress pictures is linked below.

a fireplace in the process of being painted