Link: Some thoughts on the Rolling Stone Tsaranaev cover

Warning! Political content ahead

My good friend Peter Cohen has some thoughts on the outcry over Rolling Stone’s cover featuring the Boston Bombing terrorist Dzhokhar Tsaranaev.

The whole point of the cover is to demonstrate the paradox of the Boston Marathon bombings – that this wasn’t carried out by some swarthy “evildoer” in an Afghanistan cave wearing a turban – this was done by a kid that could just as easily be your neighbor, your boyfriend, or your college roommate.

We’ve watched our constitutional freedoms dissolve since 9/11 in a miasma of panicked, ill-thought-out responses to a largely invisible enemy. Here’s another opportunity for us to show we’re better than them, and, as usual, we’re fumbling the fucking ball.

I couldn’t agree more.

It saddens me to see the Internet Outrage Machine™ being ramped up in service of the goals of terrorism. By reacting to a fucking picture of a terrorist by cowering and calling for boycotts we’re effectively doing the work of the terrorists for them.