App.net Invitations

The good people at App.net have graciously provided me a link so that readers here can sign up for the services’ free tier.

For those who don’t know. App.net is an open service that provides a backbone for developers to build amazingly cool services and applications. Some of the sorts of things people are building on App.net include file-sharing and storage, location check-ins, group messaging and, of course, Twitter-like social netorking. The Free tier allows you to follow up to 40 people, gives you 500 MB of App.Net storage and allows you to upload files 10 MB or less. Free accounts can be upgraded to full accounts for $36 a year or $5 a month.

I’m finding myself posting more to App.net every day, so if you want to keep the angry drunkenness flowing, give App.net a try.

Click here to sign up for App.net