The Angry Drunk 3.0

Welcome to The Angry Drunk 3.0, the third major revision of this site. As any of the few remaining readers here know, the posting frequency here has fallen off drastically in the last few months. There are few reasons for this—which I won’t dive into too deeply here—but the upshot is a complete revamp of the site; including a new architecture and, hopefully, a new focus. The majority of my reasons for pulling back from tech blogging can actually be summed up in an earlier post. To quote myself:

The simple truth is, the thought of writing another “take-down” of some other blogger’s dumb-shit opinion now leaves me sick to my stomach. The fact is, those of us who tried to shout down the rising tide of fucktardery were about as successful as King Cnut’s attempt to command the waves. The rumormongers and financial bloggers and gadget obsessed hipsters won. Oh well, c’est la vie.

My stance on this hasn’t changed. As far as I’m concerned, the tech blogosphere has collapsed into a largely worthless echo-chamber filled with idiotic babble about Apple’s share price and moronic product rumors. As a result I’m officially re-launching The Angry Drunk in the way I first intended to run it almost six years ago. I’ll expand on my intended content changes below and the technical changes in a later post.

I suppose the easiest way to explain my intended vision for the content here is to start by explaining what The Angry Drunk will not be. The Angry Drunk is not:

So, what does all that mean? The bottom line is I’m going to try to write about the things that interest me—in a way that I hope will be interesting for people to read. I don’t intend on offering memberships, or accepting sponsorships, or serving advertisements. This is intentional. The Angry Drunk 3.0 is returning to being my personal blog. The writing here will be—first and foremost—for me. If that is of interest to you, good. If not, there are plenty of other bloggers in the sea.

More on the technical changes in a bit.