The Angry Drunk 3.0 - Technical Changes

As mentioned earlier, in relaunching the site I decided it was time for some major architectural changes. Previously The Angry Drunk was a self-hosted WordPress blog. As of now it is a self-hosted static blog powered by the Pelican static blogging platform.

I’ve been asked why I moved to a static platform. Honestly it had nothing to do with page-load speeds, or database loads, or possible Fireballing (like that will ever happen again). Properly configured and maintained, a WordPress blog can be just as secure and speedy as a static blog. The problem is the word “maintained”. Keeping a WordPress blog properly updated is constant work. I intimated in earlier posts that just writing here has become a chore—imagine how much of a chore it was to keep WordPress updated for a blog I had no interest in.

So why Pelican? Honestly, no real reason. I’ve been auditioning static blogging engines for some time, and they’re all about the same. Pelican’s internals were easy enough to work with and its templating system is a breeze. My major deciding factor was the excellent articles that Gabe Weatherhead has written about his migration from WordPress to Pelican at the Macdrifter blog.

This is the point where I’m supposed to write-up my journey from database hell to Markdown bliss…sorry, ain’t gonna happen. If you’re interested I highly suggest reading Gabe’s articles. Just do a search on his site for “pelican” and read there. If anyone has any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them in the comments or via email or Twitter. One part of my setup that I will write up in detail is how I’m using Dropbox as a universal content repository so I can manage this joint from anywhere with Dropbox access—but that will come later.

Now to comment on some specific changes:

There you have it. The Angry Drunk 3.0 is now live.