Link: The frictionless experience

Jason Becker for The Techblock regarding the “frictionless” experience of using software across Apple’s hardware product lines:

Apple’s true advantage is when applications are available across all three platforms, offering a device-optimized and consistent experience no matter what I am using.

This is something I wrote about back when iCloud was first announced. At the time I referred to it as “ubiquitous computing.” Jason makes the astute point that the true strength of Apple’s ecosystem is software that provides a consistent experience across the Mac, iPad, iPhone & iPod products.

I know everyone slags on iCloud, but I can’t express the pleasure I feel every time I save a spreadsheet in Numbers on my iMac, open it and work on it a bit at my office on my iPad, and check a figure on my iPhone in a store. That ubiquity of data and consistency of experience is what keeps me on the platform.

via The Loop