Harry C. Marks on the Boring iPhone 5

Harry C. Marks on the overwhelmingly idiotic response to the iPhone 5 by the tech press:

The iPhone is boring only to the rumor mongers who published every blurry picture of a motherboard they could get their hands on and the simps who think a feature checklist determines a gadget’s merit. However, isn’t it hypocritical that the gadget blogs that drowned their readers with post after post containing every little unconfirmed detail leading up to the iPhone 5 announcement are now the same gadget blogs lamenting how boring it all is because “we’ve seen it all”?

Harry goes on to repeat something that I’ve been banging on for a while now. The infiltration of the gadget blogs into “mainstream” tech reporting has been, second only to the rise of the page-view economy, the worst thing to happen to tech reporting ever.

The life blood of the gadget blog is change. A product that has reached a steady state—as I’d argue the iPhone and smartphones in general have—is death to them. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the press needs to parrot that ADHD addled viewpoint.