But Internet Outrage is So Much More Fun

Recently the Intartubes have been chock-a-block with righteous outrage over the horrific, positively evil way that Progressive Insurance handled the truly unfortunate case of a woman killed by an under-insured driver in an auto accident. I have no particular fondness for Progressive (although I should disclaim that I do business with them), but I do have a particular hatred for the Internet Outrage machine™ so I’ve been a bit critical of the whole “Progressive is the evilest company evah!” meme being bandied about. My Occam’s Razor-loving mind tells me that, surely, there must be something more to this story than we’re hearing from either the victim’s family or Progressive.

Well, it turns out there well may be. Via a comment on one of the plethora of threads about this situation on BoingBoing, we have this law firm’s page on how uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage works in Maryland (where the accident took place). The key part:

The nuances of how uninsured motorist coverage works is difficult for many personal injury victims to get their minds around because it is counterintuitive. The nutshell is this: if the at-fault driver either does not have insurance or has low levels of coverage, your own insurance company will step in and basically take the place of the insurance company for the at-fault driver, including paying any settlement or judgment but also defending the case against your personal injury claim.

While I may not be some fancy-talkin’ city lawyer, but “…defending the case against your personal injury claim” would seem to exactly describe the events that took place here.

Look, like I wrote above, I have no particular love for Progressive. They could have put this to rest at the start by writing a bigger check on the uninsured motorist claim. And there’s no fucking doubt that Progressive’s public response to this mess was fucktarded. But as far as I can see their actual legal actions in this situation consisted of nothing more than what they are required to do by law. It sucks, but then again so does pretty much everything else involving insurance in this country.

The point is: the Internet Outrage Machine™ needs to die in a fucking fire. Try doing a bit of research and critical thinking before you mash that retweet button you loons. Of course now I’ll be flamed as a shill for Big Insurance. Oh well, such is life.