Link: Apple Television, AirPlay and Why the iPad Is the New TV Apps Platform

Jeremy Allaire, writing for All Things D about Apple’s possible future plans for the “television” market, makes some very astute points that largely parallel what regular readers here and listeners to Ye Olde Angry Mac Bastards Podcaste have heard me say in the past.

I do have one quibble with Allaire’s analysis though. He writes:

Second, Apple will also release a TV monitor product as well with identical capabilities as the updated Apple TV add-on device, but in a design and form factor that presents the Apple brand effectively. Why would they do this when it is such an established market with such long replacement cycles? In short, because they can, and it will be gorgeous and include the latest innovations in display technology, and will sell at a premium price that ensures a reasonable gross margin for Apple.

In an essay that displays an unprecedented amount of clear thinking regarding the entertainment industry and Apple’s relationship with it—this stands out like a turd in a punch-bowl.

The last time Apple built shit “because they could” we all had long hair, were wearing flannel shirts and were bemoaning the loss of Kurt Cobain. Modern Apple *never* introduces a product just because they can. Apple enters a market because they feel they can bring something to it that no one else can. So far no one can tell me what an Apple HDTV would bring to the market that the $99 hockey-puck AppleTV can’t.