Link: Quasar windowed app system for iPad misses the point of focussed computing

Craig Grannell writing about the Quasar app for jailbroken iPads that adds a “windowed” user interface:

A lot of people consider iOS to be some kind of retrograde step—a return to the bad old days of computing before we could run a whole bunch of apps at the same time. Me, I’m increasingly thinking the more ‘modern’ take of desktop computing was a mis-step. People aren’t programmed to cope well with multitasking; studies have shown that when we are distracted from a task it can then take tens of minutes to get fully back into the task at hand. To that end, any system that can help me concentrate and work better is a boon, not a hindrance, and so even if Apple went mental and allowed Quasar into the proper App Store, I’d still give it a miss.

I wrote a bit about this back when Apple revealed OS X Lion and I couldn’t agree more. A large percentage of computer users—perhaps even the majority of computer users just don’t work in the way that geeks and power-users think they should.