Link: Why Zack Whittaker Switched from an iPhone Back to a BlackBerry

Harry C. Marks generously provides the copy-editing service that ZDNet so desperately needs:

Please re-read your work, or better yet, pass it off to an editor for review. There are numerous grammatical mistakes and sentence structure is poor at best. I haven’t even gotten to reviewing the actual content of the piece, though I assume it’s about as well thought-out as your use of semicolons.

In the “ragging on shitty tech blogger” community it’s generally considered bad form to harp on grammar and spelling but holy shit Zach is an abysmal writer. What boggles my mind, though, is this: It’s obvious that the jackholes running ZDNet have no interest in screening their stable of shitty writers for the ability to formulate a logical argument. After all, there’s plenty of page-views to be had in the ill-thought-out screeds that Violet Blue, Zach and the Tellarite crap out on a regular basis. However, you would think they would have some interest — even if only to maintain the façade of being a professional organization — in making sure that their acephalic morons can conform to the most basic rules of English grammar.