Link: Are People Finally Getting Bored with the Tech-Blog Circle Jerk?

Dan Mitchell writing for SF Weekly:

At this point, I have to believe that all the people in the Pando Daily-TechCrunch-Uncrunched-whatever micro-universe have consciously incorporated their onanistic little circle jerk into their collective business model. You can almost picture it just that way: Michael Arrington, Sarah Lacy, MG Siegler, Paul Carr and whomever else, sitting in a circle, each gazing into a mirror as they handle each other’s nethers —- sometimes gently, sometimes aggressively. Then they post the whole thing online and watch the clicks pile up.

Betteridge’s Law tempting headline aside, this is a wonderfully written look at the moral cesspool that is the TechCrunch/PandoDaily/CrunchFund axis. What I like best is that it doesn’t focus exclusively on these chumps’ horrific conflicts of interest. I mean, who doesn’t like a good grift. Instead it highlights the exact thing I despise about these people —- the overwhelming narcissism.

via Glenn Fleishman on the Twitters