Link: Apple and its underwhelmed audience

Jon Dick for The Techblock:

Today, exactly a week after Apple unveiled its latest iPad, a quick Google search turns up loads of articles that disparage the new tablet for its so-what factor. Apple took the easy route, they say. It turned its back on innovation and offered up a tablet that resembles its predecessor everywhere it counts.

Except it didn’t and they’re full of shit.

Jon goes on to make a point that I brought up while recording the Angry Mac Bastard podcast Tuesday night:

It doesn’t matter to those sitting in judgement that such a pace is unsustainable, that no company, no matter how innovative or full of brilliant minds, could come up with something totally new on a consistent basis. And even if it could, it would be raked over the coals for it. And rightly so. Because consumers would never have a chance to get their heads around a novel product before another one dropped in their laps.

Apple would actually be doing a disservice to the average consumer if they changed their products at the rate that the blogoratti would have them. Tech nerds may not understand the value of a consistent experience, but real people do.