Link: Sheriff Joe’s Birther Squad Concludes Obama’s Birth Certificate Is A “Forgery And Fraud”

Warning! Political content ahead.

Jesus shit-shagging Christ the extremes to which withered, racist, shit-monger, carpetbagger1 Joe Arpaio will go to keep his prune-like face in the press boggle the fucking mind.

Alex Seitz-Wald for ThinkProgress Justice:

In a lengthy and delirious press conference that relied on a mix of pseudo-science and innuendo, Arpaio and his dower band of volunteer investigators rolled out a series of films that depict documents being Xeroxed and scanned into Adobe software to supposedly show that someone forged Obama’s birth certificate. “This is serious. This is very serious,” the investigator said. The probe was apparently also aided by serial fabulist Jerome Corsi, of the birther-obsessed website WorldNetDaily.

For the love of Satan why won’t Fox News offer this jackass a talk show so he’ll bugger off and leave us the fuck alone.

  1. I get pissed off when people use this douche as an example of “racist Arizonans” The twat’s from Springfield Massachusetts.