Pot, Kettle, Black

Note: Links to the articles referenced in this post are omitted because I’m fucking sick and tired of feeding the link-bait monster.

Recently freshly-minted venture capitalist and occasional spewer of words M.G. Siegler crapped out a post on his ParisLemon blog decrying the shitty state of today’s technology journalism. Well, you would think that was what he was nattering about had you seen a link to his essay on any of the various blogs that have linked to it.

In reality Siegler, a partner in Michael “King of All New Media Douchebags” Arrington’s CrunchFund, takes Nick Bilton to task for Bilton’s column in the New York Times castigating the startup Path for misusing user data. Or rather, Siegler defers the actual taking—-to—-task to the aforementioned King of All New Media Douchebags himself. Of course, we’re expected to belive that Arrington and Siegler’s beneficence toward Path is prompted only by their deeply held sense of fair play and not, as a more cynical observer might think, because Path is funded by CrunchFund.

The real irony in this idiocy though is when you compare the ever so measured and rational stance we’re expected to take regarding the CrunchFund funded Path and Arrington’s hysterical claims at his former TechCrunch digs that Last.fm was funneling user data to the RIAA. I guess measured and rational is only a worthwhile goal when you have a stake in it.

Further note: I’m not taking any stand on the ethics of what Path did or their response to the allegations. Attempts to direct any discussion in that direction will be handled with extreme prejudice.