Link: A writer’s EULA

Daniel Steinberg on the hideous and draconian iBooks Author EULA:

On the other hand, the work is my own. I’ve been told by a publisher that they want a second edition of one of my books. Their conditions on me are that I drop this series of ebooks I’m working on because it might compete with the title. When I said no they responded that that’s ok they’ll just get someone else to revise my book.

My book.

It’s not really mine. Even though the copyright is in my name, that turns out not to mean very much.

So am I bothered by the iBooks Author EULA? No. But maybe that’s because I’ve been signing contracts with traditional publishers for so long.

It’s always fun to see how the tone changes once the blogoratti stop braying and the professionals speak up.

via Daring Fireball