Link: It’s not ‘Apple TV’ any more, it’s ‘Siri TV’ … ugh …

Fuck me blind, I’m linking to a ZDNet article. Nonetheless, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes agrees with what all the sane people are saying:

The problem with all these Apple TV rumors is that no one can come up with a single compelling reason why Apple should go into the business of making TVs. Sure, it’s easy to pull together technologies like Siri and ARM-based CPUs, then do some hand-waving and come to the conclusion that Apple must be working on TVs but all this ignores the fact that Apple already sells a product that will connect to any TV that happens to have an HDMI connector called the AppleTV. What’s more, that product, even at $99, isn’t exactly setting the world alight.


That “unicorn and saddle” metaphor seems awfully familiar though.