Viva Telecommuting

My brother in arms Peter Cohen on the push back against telecommuting:

I’m perfectly willing to compromise on pay and a cushy workplace if it means I’m able to stay home and work at my pace in my environment. But expect me to work for coolie wages and drive to the office every day? You must be joking.

I couldn’t agree more.

A few companies ago I spent three years working from home after the local office closed. Those were the three most productive years of my career. In that time we rebuilt a Quality Assurance department from the ground up, including developing new QA and Customer Satisfaction capture, evaluation and reporting systems from whole cloth.

My current company, however, refuses to allow telecommuting even though I have a 25 mile one-way commute, I’m the sole person in my office in my department and the rest of my team is on another continent. It’s fucking insane.