Occupy My Nutsack!

Warning: No actual political content ahead.

Woah there hippy…slow down…read past the headline…this post isn’t quite what you think it is. You see, I’m pretty much in agreement with the Occupy movement. Unfortunately there is a dark, insidious, and frankly evil thing that has come out of the Occupy movement that needs to be squashed like the fucking cockroach it is. I’m referring to the sudden fetish of shit-bag “journalists” and lame-ass “hacktivists” to slap the word “occupy” in front of every gods damned thing that happens to annoy them.

Case in point, two recent “movements” Occupy Flash and Occupy HTML (links both courtesy of Daring Fireball). Look, I don’t care what your position is on Flash or HTML “purity” (hint, Flash sucks crusty hobo dick). Something that all right-thinking people can agree on is that neither one of them needs to be fucking “occupied”.

Come on people, we lost the war over “-gate”. Now we have to endure shitty headline after shitty headline about “Glassgate” and “Antennagate” and “My-Chalupa-Didn’t-Have-Enough-Fucking-Meat-In-It-Fucking-Gate”. It’s time we said enough is enough. Let’s take a stand and let these shit-birds know that we’re not going to take this lazy bullshit anymore!

What do we want? Creative thinking!

When do we want it? Last fucking week!