The Macalope on the Jackasses Using Steve Jobs Death For Profit & Trolling

Normally I’d post something like this as a link list item, but since it’s behind the Macworld Insider1 pay wall I’ll link it here.

In the post the Macalope tears into three shit-bags seeking to either capitalize on Sve Jobs’ death or to antagonize people, presumably for page-views: David Srere—shittiest “brand expert” ever, Hamiton Nolan—from the tabloid shit-rag Gawker and everyone’s favorite fundamentalist asshole Fred Phelps.

Writeth the horned one:

It is a sad fact of life that there are inveterate jerks who will take the death of a man (however flawed) like Steve Jobs, and try to use it for personal gain, or just as a self-righteous and hate-filled attack on the values of those who cared about him.

Well said my mythical brother-from-another-species, well said. And with that we have the last I’m going to say—in this forum—about the shit smears trolling a man’s death. Fuck the lot of ‘em.

  1. If you’re not a Macworld Insider subscriber, I really recommend it. Access to the Macalope Daily is worth the cost alone.