Link: Misuse

Harry C. Marks commenting on two recent articles discussing how to use RSS:

Guess what? I’m a grown man who doesn’t need to be told what’s good for me, what’s bad for me or whether I’m “misusing” something that never came with an owner’s manual in the first place. If Marco can’t be bothered to catch up on 50 blog posts at a time, fine for him. If Jacqui Cheng would rather do without RSS altogether, great.

A-fucking-men. I hate the compulsion that some techies have to tell people how they should use free form tools like RSS, Twitter and email. And double-plus amen about David Allen and Getting Things Done.

I’ve reached the point where I immediately ignore any productivity tool that mentions GTD. It’s an almost sure guarantee that the developer and user base will be more obsessed over the purity of your task list than how the tool works.