Feeling the Crunch

Change is afoot at The Worlds Largest Technology Tabloid, and it’s making the natives restless. Now, full disclosure (a hilarious phrase when used in the context of TechCrunch), I despise TechCrunch. As much as I’m loath to see people put out of work, I would like nothing more than to see TechCrunch consigned to the dust-bin of history.

Here’s the funny thing though. In each of these pathetic whine-fests about how big bad corporate media just doesn’t understand the special snowflake that is TechCrunch we’re implicitly asked to accept one unreasonable argument. We’re asked to accept that — even though Mike Arrington is a demonstrably unethical jackass — the site that he founded is incapable of unethical behavior. I’m sorry kids, that shit won’t fly.