On the Infinite Shittiness of 9to5 Mac

I’m hardly the first person to weigh in on this, but I thought that I’d point out this delightful little story from Stephen Hackett at forkbombr.net. The long and short of it is that Stephen called out douchemonger extraordinaire Seth Weintraub, along with his pathetic little ass—-minion Mark Gurman over their horrifically tasteless coverage of Steve Jobs’ health. Seth, in a move that is sure to make Mike Arrington proud, registered forkbombr.com and proceeded to redirect it to a variety of sites. As of the writing of this post it currently points to a page displaying the message “do onto others”.

Anyone who listens to the Angry Mac Bastards podcast knows my option of Weintraub and 9to5 Mac. They’re basically the first link in the chain of feces that inevitably leads a shitty Apple rumor into the mainstream. In biological terms, they’re the shit-eating vermin at the bottom of the Apple rumor ecosystem.

Seth, if you’re out there, I dearly welcome you registering thenagrydrunk.net. It’s amazing how little someone cares when he doesn’t rely on CPM advertising.