What the Literal Fuck (Steve Jobs Resignation Edition)

I was debating joining my mythical compatriot the Macalope1 and adding my own frothing rage over this [vilely offensive pile of syphilitic jackal dung][te] when I made the mistake of meandering down into the comments. I was not surprised to find the usual collection of “hur dur Apple is so evil” bullshit, but what really caught my eye was a magnificent example of the art of utter what-the-fuckery by some jackass with the handle of “joblot”.

I’ll spare your sanity (and my bandwidth) and not reproduce the entire 750 word screed Instead let’s savor some choice bits o’ crazy. The whackaloon begins:

Reality is not about effort but about not applying effort when you lack the realisation of what that effort is truly meant for. Divinity exists but not when you lack reality, the absoluteness of the truth. Regardless of how one might deploy one’s weaponry, when you are not the principle, you will not be able to perceive whatever depth/sensibility that principle affords. The recognition of Divinity is a gift from The Divine for being “of divinity” [and not “for divinity”] whereas those of effort will never, ever, recognise Divinity…

Savor, savor the crazy. It should be noted that what I’ve quoted is only about half of the first paragraph. I refuse to actually analyse that shit, but Great Caesar’s Ghost this loon has a hard-on for “Divinity”, which confuses the fuck out of me since this article was ostensibly about what a shitty person Steve Jobs is. I must be insufficiently enlightened. Moving on:

The resignation by Jobs was an opportunity for benevolence but it merely became the straw that’ll break the camel’s back. Regardless, his time is limited, of course, but still the malingering is there, meaning the “Chairmanship” and “My Baby” bit. That means the end is nigh because what used to be within effort is now without. The liver is where one’s creativity/activity is centred, being located on the “right side” of the body [whereas the heart sits on the “left side”].

Ok? The freak then devotes a paragraph to glorifying the wonders of Chinese medicine and denouncing the evil ways of imperialistic Westerners…whatever hippy. Moving on:

Replacing one’s liver is more than a physical death sentence, death, in totality, being that which lacks the living. The liver is a gateway to the unseen dimensions, it is where one’s Attention resides. When the liver is overwhelmed, one’s Attention takes an enforced imprisonment/R&R. Witness an alcoholic drunkard, for example…

Fuck you

…To have the liver problem transcending onto the left/pancreas is the same as being drunk, but not through alcohol but via something entirely different. The left and right energies are like an electrical power grid where energy is channelled to balance the whole…

Sigh, more stupid “ancient Chinese secret” bullshit. I’m getting bored. Kwai Chang Kane finishes up:

Should re-birth be a reality, will, say, an “American” be reborn as one? You sure? Do not judge “Apple” for its complexity, judge it and other Infinitisers for their simplicity - their destructiveness.

Ok, I give up. This has to be a joke right? Please?!

  1. It’s behind the Macworld Insider paywall but, if you can, you really should read the [Macalope’s][] takedown of this horrible article. [Macalope’s]: http://www.macworld.com/article/161969/2011/08/macalope_zero_to_classless.html [te]: http://news.techeye.net/business/whats-next-for-apple-now-jobs-has-gone#ixzz1W30Vk1F9