iPad Calculus 2: Smart Cover Boogaloo

A little over a year ago, right after Apple announced the original iPad but before it was shipping, I wrote an article laying out my thoughts regarding my potential use cases for the newly revealed product. It’s somewhat gratifying that, one year later, I can look back on that post and say that I was completely correct in my predictions. Now I find myself facing the same calculations to determine if I can justify the expense of upgrading to the iPad 2.

For the three people who have been living on the moon for the last two weeks, the salient differences between the original iPad and the iPad 2 are:

Items that remain the same include:

As I commented immediately after the event, short of a sudden windfall of cash, I don’t see myself buying an iPad 2. However, I highly recommend one to anyone who thinks that they want to see what all this “tablet” fuss is about. Meanwhile, I’m finding it fascinating to watch Apple continue to evolve this platform. I think that Apple is really discovering what these devices can do at the same time that we are, and that is pretty fucking amazing.