A Quick Note on NDAs and Ethical Behavior

My Angry Mac Bastards cohort John C. Welch makes the case as plainly as humanly possible. Adhering to the terms of Apple’s Lion Developer Preview NDA is something we do for one simple reason: because we agreed to it. In contrast, behold the rambling half-baked justification for breaking the NDA—-put forth by TUAW.

Here’s my advice to all the “journalists” out there. If you’re going to break the NDAs that you agree to, nut up and just admit that you’re doing it to drive your hit-count. Pretending that you’re doing the world some great service by posting a video of a preview version of a fucking operating system is bullshit.

My advice to everyone else is even simpler. Think long and hard about doing business with people who are so cavalier about breaking their legal agreements. Who knows where they will draw the line.