Here We Go Again

WARNING: Political content ahead!

Local politics too no less—skip this one if that ain’t your bag.

This actually took even less time than I anticipated, but is it in any way shape or form surprising? Today Jan Brewer, the daffy bint that Arizona swept into office as Governor, revealed her master-plan for fixing the State’s economy. Of course, as anyone with half a brain cell could have predicted, it consists of—-wait for it—-cuts to the State’s education budget and tax cuts for corporations. But hey, at least we’ll be putting all those smelly wetbacks in their place!

The “best” part of this bag of rotting weasel shit:

Under current law, these firms pay Arizona taxes based 50 percent on sales within the state, 25 percent on the value of their property and 25 percent on the amount of their payroll.

Lawmakers agreed several years ago to let corporations elect an alternate method based 80 percent on sales. That benefits manufacturers of things ranging from computer chips to missiles whose customers are elsewhere.

Brewer’s plan would up that to 100 percent. So a company with no sales in Arizona would owe nothing in state corporate income taxes.

Let that one rattle around in your noggin for a bit. If a company has offices here in this desert hell-hole but doesn’t sell shit here, they pay nothing in corporate tax. Of course, the kleptocratic response will be that this will “lure” business here and create jobs.

Yeah, look how well that’s working out for us.