Dave Winer Buys a MacBook Air

And, of course, he doesn’t fucking get it.

Addressing his idiotic complaints by the numbers:

There are tradeoffs

No shit.

The screen is seriously small. No Ethernet

No shit, that’s the point. WiFi is Ethernet, you mean “No wired Ethernet”

If I’m seriously expected to think of this as a netbook, I really resent that it costs almost $1000 more than the last netbook I bought.

It’s not a netbook you fucking lunatic, it’s a MacBook — says so on the label.

That netbook cost a lot less, but did a lot more. Longer battery life. Larger disk capacity. Three USB’s not two. Ethernet. SD card slot. I know why we need all those things. All of them. Why does Apple think it can ship so much less and charge so much more and not force product comparisons? They’re depending on the Reality Distortion Field keeping from people from being even slightly pragmatic in reviewing this product.

First, bullshit. Second, you knew the specs before you bought it. Third, the only fuckwit comparing the Air to your shitty netbook is you. Fourth, the “Reality Distortion Field” meme was old five years ago — stop using it.

Haven’t decided whether I should leave this guy hooked up to Dropbox. It’s synching unbelievably slowly, over my fast FIOS connection. It says it’ll be done in 59 days. Let’s see where it is tomorrow morning.

How is it that people let you anywhere near computers?

I’m going to DC on Saturday, overnight. I will take the Air. Should I also take my iPad? (Probably will. But to be fair if I travelled with my 13-inch MacBook Pro, I would have brought the iPad as well.)

What does that have to do with anything?

I’m thinking about returning it. Not sure if this is going to fit into my workflow.

Just return it you whiny fuck.

iTunes still sucks.

You’re still a cranky old dip-shit.

  1. The thing that really ticks me off is this — why not, for all the extra money and missing basic features, push the envelope. That’s what I used to like about Apple. They built in networking into every Mac in the 80s. It was something extra that the other guys didn’t do, all to build a market. How about putting a Wimax modem in there. Make it a better netbook, instead of just taking features out and jacking up the price.

Jesus fucking Christ in a toboggan, have you even looked at this thing? If it’s not “pushing the envelope” then what the fuck is. Oh wait, you answered that…adding a modem for a still-born wireless protocol.

Seriously Dave, your whiny New Media Douchebag Borderline Personality bullshit has become tired and depressing. And your idiotic claims that Apple somehow “tricks” you into buying crap that you don’t need just proves that you’re an idiot with no impulse control. Please go fuck off to somewhere where the rest of civilized society doesn’t have to hear your bitching.

P.S. The strawman “Apple Fanboys” you’re so fond of citing have a message for you. Go eat a bag of dick.

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