Crazy Uncle Dave (Re)Invents Comments

Cross posted from Dave Winer’s Crazy Train

So, let’s get this straight. Uncle Dave doesn’t like the rough-and-tumble nature of blog commentary (a reasonable position to take, I hate you pricks too), but he’s too narcissistic do without the fawning admiration of strangers. What’s a New Media Douchebag to do? Well, if you’re Dave Winer, you come up with…this. Please, for the love of fuck, someone implement this so I can properly laugh at it.

On another note, this bit amused and enraged me:

I’m almost 100 percent sure that scripting.com was the first blog to have comments. And I’m equally sure that it was the first to have its comments flame out. The flameout was a good thing, although it didn’t feel like it at the time, because it created the first wave of blogs. And when their comments flamed out, there were subsequent waves of new blogs.

Dave, you arrogant fuck, people have been commenting on other people’s writing since some Kraut asshole scribbled “Erster Beitrag” under Martin Luther’s Theses. Can there be anything on the intartubes that you won’t claim to have invented.