Suck it Honkeys

WARNING: Political Content Ahead!

MSNBC (amongst others) is reporting that, pretty much as expected, U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton has issued an injunction blocking the most heinous and constitutionally bogus provisions of Arizona SB 1070. While this is good news from the perspective of justice, we need to be clear on a few things. First, this is only a temporary injunction until the final court decisions are made.

Secondly, don’t think for a second that this is any sort of blow to the racist crackers who populate the Arizona Republican Party. While the honkey—-on—-the—-street will be understandably upset by this injunction (and the ultimate decision finding that most of this turd fails to pass constitutional muster) the actual players in the AZ GOP are probably jizzing themselves dry at this news. Expect the Arizona airwaves to be saturated in the coming days with campaign advertisements from Brewer, McCain, Hayworth, Arpaio and the rest of these scumbags decrying “Obama” and the rest of the evil Washington insiders for preventing Arizonans from practicing their lilly—-white—-god—-given right to hunt darkies.

As for myself, I do agree with the AZ GOP on one thing. It’s a shame that this state has been invaded by foreigners, we should probably send them back from whence they came.