Link: Not All Bloggers Are Journalists

An extremely insightful piece on the historic and current role of the Fourth Estate.

The money quote:

In fact, I have to apologize on behalf of my entire profession for how you have been treated by a few bloggers, whom I’ll have the tact to not name here. There are bloggers who know and care nothing about real journalism, who see this profession as an opportunity for short-term gain at anyone’s expense, who find no joy in it and who dream only of fame in the now and a lucrative exit thereafter. These people are not journalists; they are self-serving scum. And they’ve royally fucked up how a lot of people see my profession.

This right here is why there is a “media” category on this blog, and a large part of why I participate in the Angry Mac Bastards.

H/T to Shawn King for pointing to the article that led to this one.