Emails From Steve

Looking to get into the fun (and apparently lucrative) game of shopping around emails from Steve Jobs, I went ahead and sent him a note. Imagine my utter shock and amazement when he answered. Here is a copy of our exchange:


Glad to hear it. By the way, love the podcast, Angry Mac Bastards is required listening here at 1 Infinite Loop. Oh, and stop complaining about your white iPhone 4. A little bird tells me that you’ll be getting a surprise soon. Think unicorn ivory with a mermaid skin bumper.

Sent from my unicorn ivory iPhone


I’m loving your new “fuck the haters” attitude. “You’re holding it wrong” indeed.

What, you say you don’t believe me. You say that I’m making this up. Well, here is incontrovertible proof. Behold the iron-clad evidence that is EMAIL HEADERS:


Now, of course that isn’t real. In fact it’s a fairly half-assed fake, but then again I only spent about ten minutes working on it. The point is, whenever some moron attempts to claim that EMAIL HEADERS prove their bullshit story; they should be lit on fire and thrown out of a window. Email is the easiest thing in the universe to fake. Or did you really think that your grandmother thinks that you need (ahem) male enhancement.