The Real Reason for AZ SB 1070

Warning! Political content ahead

I’ve been saying all along that AZ SB 1070 was never about actually dealing with undocumented immigration, or even racism for racism’s sake. Instead it’s nothing more than a transparent ploy by the GOP to rally the racists in Arizona for the next election. Here’s some proof to back up my thesis.

Barry Wong is a Republican running for Arizona’s Corporation Commission. For those outside of Arizona (or who are merely ignorant) the Corporation Commission is a body that, amongst other things, regulates the rates that Arizona’s public utilities can charge (the irony being that AZ’s “public” utilities are mostly for-profit private corporations). Barry has come up with the delightfully ironic idea of forcing the utilities to check the residency status of their customers. Think Progress quotes the New York Daily News:

One Arizona politician has made a vow to make illegal immigrants powerless—literally. Republican Barry Wong, a candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, an elected body that decides public utility issues, says he would require the utilities to check the immigration status of customers, he told the Arizona Republic.

I’m sure there will be criticism about human-rights violations,” said Wong, who held a temporary spot on the five-person Commission in 2006. “Is power or natural gas or any type of utility we regulate, is that a right that people have? It is not a right. It is a service.” Cutting electricity, water, natural gas, even telephone lines at the homes of illegal immigrants, he said, would lower costs for the rest of the state’s customers. He believes the population spike caused by illegal immigrants forces the state to build new power plants and then raise rates for customers.

Of course, anyone with half a brain can sniff out the bullshit here. Arizona’s public utilities are hardly charities. Any filthy illegal wetback who has the electricity turned on is, ipso facto paying the fucking electrical bill. If they weren’t the electric company would shut off the gods damned lights off.

No, this is just a way to rally out the honkeys to vote another pro-corporate GOP tool onto the commission that regulates corporations in Arizona. And what would Barry do if he were on the commission? Well, from his campaign website:

Demanding Diverse and Reliable Energy—including Nuclear

Gee whiz Barry, wouldn’t that require building the very power plants that you were just bitching about?

Unrelated, but additional irony:

From Barry’s website:

Barry Wong is an American-born son of Chinese immigrant parents.

Memo from the crackers of Arizona, you’re next you Jackie Chan looking mother fucker.