Boycott This!

**WARNING: Political Content Ahead!**

This is a difficult post to write. On the one hand, I vehemently oppose Arizona Senate Bill 1070; the so-called “immigration law.” The law is nothing more than a patently transparent attempt by the right-wing to whip up support amongst the racists here in order to make gains in this year’s elections. It’s the Southern Strategy for a new century. On the other hand, I’m bemused by the spate of groups who have taken it upon themselves to punish Arizona by boycotting or canceling events here. Take, for example, the recent decision by Hall and Oates to cancel their Arizona dates as part of a “Sound Strike“.

What irks me about these calls to boycott has nothing to do with any sort of loyalty to this gods-forsaken state. Nor do I base my criticism in the standard right-wing canard that entertainers should not voice their political opinions. What angers me is the rank hypocrisy of many who have jumped to denounce us white devils here in the desert.

Hypocrisy, you say, whatever can you mean by that?

What I mean is this: Two years ago the voters of California approved a vile and bigoted measure known as Proposition 8, which stripped the right to marry from homosexuals. As an aside I’ll note that, unlike Prop 8, AZ SB 1070 was not approved by the people of Arizona, it was the product of our State Legislature. When CA Prop. 8 passed there was a great outcry from the Left; there were even calls for boycotts. So, I suppose that us honkeys in Arizona should take comfort in the fact that California is being punished along with Arizona by these artists of conscience.

Oh wait, they’re not.

Take, for instance the participants in the Sound Strike linked above. Many of them, including those lords of magnificent hair Hall and Oates, are playing events in the queer-hating state of California. Where is your social conscience now boys? Or do you just like beaners more than faggots?

Or, could it be that it’s just more convenient to boycott Arizona. California is where the money’s at, after all. How much really is skipping a date in Arizona going to impact your pocket book? Besides, it’s like a thousand fucking degrees here right now.

Let me reiterate, and make this as crystal-clear as I can. I do not support AZ SB 1070. As an actual resident of this state, I will do everything in my power to see it’s ultimate repeal or invalidation via the courts. Bigotry; be it racism, sexism, homophobia or any other form is intolerable. However, these boycotts serve no other purpose than to act as painless way for the entitled and elite to feign social consciousness.

Activism, when performed only when convenient, is worthless. The hypocrisy on display by those calling for boycotts of Arizona, while turning a blind eye to the bigotry of the people of California, does nothing more than inflame the passions of the right-wing in Arizona. I expect that the Arizona Republican Party will be sending Hall and Oates a nice fruit basket thanking them for the support.