Atomic iPhone

Amidst the generic sense of rage that the whole JizzmodoPhone debacle has engendered in me, I find myself amused by one thing. I find it hilarious that a large chunk of the tech media now uncritically accepts that the phone that Jizzmodo has in it’s possession is completely, and without any possibility of change, the phone that Apple will introduce this summer.

Let’s analyze this assumption in detail. First, let’s go ahead and assume that this phone isn’t some sort of nefarious Apple PR stunt (because it isn’t you rubes), and let’s further assume that it is a prototype of a future Apple iPhone. Why is it, other than sheer ignorance, that people assume that this phone, in it’s exact condition, is the next generation iPhone?

Of course, the answer is actually fairly simple. Most “tech journalists” have about as much understanding of actual technology as my cocker spaniel. For the uninitiated, there are three general areas that would need to be prototyped for a new iPhone: the electronics, the operating system and the remaining hardware. In a normal manufacturing process all three of these items would be prototyped separately with a very small number of final prototypes representing the synthesis all the parts. For all we know, the only thing in the JizzmodoPhone that will see the light of day later this year is the mute switch.

Sadly, nothing that I write will stem the tide of asinine commentary that the JizzmodoPhone will bring over the next few months, but fortunately I have the Angry Mac Bastards podcast to let me call the speculators ignominious twats. I look forward to it.