Don Tennant, King of Shit

Every once in a while a particularly worthless turd of an article pushes itself past the general morass of crap that passes for tech “journalism” these days to befoul our collective consciousness. Recently an article by Don Tennant from ITBusinessEdge had the distinction of joining those ranks. In the article, Why I Regret Buying an iPhone, Tennant makes the case against the iPhone.

I can already sense my readers tuning out. And why not? Articles bashing the iPhone/iPad/iWhatever are a dime a dozen these days. Hell, even august bodies like CNET resort to that age-old tactic when they need a little link loving. But stay with me gentle reader, this smear of feces is not the usual link-bait Apple bashing. This is a turd of a whole different stench. No, in this piece of fuckwittery Don lays out the moral argument against Apple.

Wait, I sense your puzzlement. A moral argument against Apple. Is this going to be another freetard screed against DRM or the App Store? Nope, Don couldn’t even pick a position as quasi-defensible as those. Instead Don takes Apple to task for enslaving the people of China. Dig it:

I have an iPhone, but if I had it to do over again, I would never have bought one.

It works just fine; I haven’t experienced the problems with AT&T that a lot of iPhone owners complain about, and I like a lot of the apps. But at the time I bought it, I wasn’t fully aware of Apple’s blatant, unapologetic contempt for its employees, its suppliers, the media and its customers. Now that I’ve been educated, I’m sorry I ever bought one of Steve Jobs’ products.

See, in the fantasy world that Don lives in, it’s not the reprehensible Chinese government who’s to blame for child labor, or Reuters employees being roughed up, or the poor fucker at Foxconn who offed himself. No, it can’t be the excesses off a government who has taken the worst aspects of totalitarianism and rampant capitalism that’s to blame. It must be Apple.

Of course it never occurs to Don Tennant, this self important cunt, that every other fucking consumer electronics company utilizes these same suppliers. No, his moral outrage and foppish hair are reserved solely for that minion of Satan himself, Steve Jobs.

It’s people like this who make me wish I could kick a fuckwit in the prunes via the internet. At the very least there should be a blacklist set up so that worthless morons like Don Tennant can never use a Chinese built item again.

Congratulations Don Tennant, you are officially the biggest mound of shit in the tank.