I Love Dave Winer

I really do. It’s almost a certainty that at least once a week he will grind out a blog post that amuses me. The latest case in point is this one. In the post, Dave explains that he wants some “no-frills” hosting and gives a laundry list of the features that he requires. The funny part is that the way that he presents the list is exactly like a cranky old man trying to buy any reasonably modern product. “I don’t want a television with that new-fangled ‘High Definition,’ my old set worked just fine.” In other spots he just comes across as needlessly pissy. Seriously:

Don’t hype me. All the services I see advertised on the web are long on hype and closing the deal, but I usually can’t tell what they’re offering. Ridiculous.

Yes Dave, we’ll be sure to find you a provider who does no marketing.

But the real fun starts in the comments. Of course, a slew of nimrods show up offering solutions that don’t exactly match Dave’s lofty criteria. So, Dave being Dave, he gets all cranky and starts waxing Scoble-like about the good old days:

This isn’t personal because I think most people don’t bother to read the post before responding. They just read the headline and maybe skim the body and then start writing. Makes it really hard to ask a question that might be even slightly off the beaten path. It hasn’t always been this way. And if you read the other comments in this thread, you’ll see almost everyone else has been doing it, even people like Stan and Hanan who have been longtime contirbutors here. They didn’t answer the question I asked. They told me what they do. But what I’m trying to figure out is how far we are from services that can actually solve the problem I’m posing. Creating an archive of our work that’s independent, affordable, and long-lasting. So like I said, this isn’t about you — it’s about us — how are we ever going to work together if even a simple question can’t be heard.

Oh Dave, don’t ever change.