Scoble Explains it All…Incorrectly

While I was in the midst of my latest attempt to prove that a man can be powered by ethanol alone, Betanews ran an utterly retarded opinion piece by Joe Wilcox titled: The world doesn’t need an Apple tablet, or any other. There is much that is fundamentally wrong with Joe’s piece, but I don’t want to talk about that. Fortunately I don’t have to talk about Joe’s errors because the tech punditards sallied forth en masse to white—-knight a non-existent product (remember, until Apple announces the gods damned thing, it ain’t real). Amongst the herd rushing to defend all things “tablet” was our good friend, and absolute moron Robert Scoble.

In a precocious bit of blogorrhea titled: Oh, Joe, the world doesnt need a Tablet? Really? Robert springs to the defense of the tablet platform. Sadly, he also demonstrates that what Robert Scoble understands about technology could be written in twenty-four point font on the back of a postage stamp; with room to spare.

Robert’s attempt to defend the maiden honor or the tablet takes the form of a litany of successful tablet computing devices that have already succeeded in the market. Items he refers to include:

Anyone else notice the pattern here? Robert has conflated a touch-screen interface with tablet form-factor computing. Here’s a clue Scooby: Lots of devices utilize a touch-screen. Some have been successful, some not so much, but merely possessing a touch-screen does not make a device a “tablet computer” you fucking ignoramus. Seriously, go back to hawking cameras. Hell, some of them now even have touch-screen interfaces. Your vast experience with tablet computing will serve you well.