A New Low for TechCrunch

Gods know I hate TechCrunch. Fuck, they’re probably responsible for at least a third of the material for the Angry Mac Bastards podcast. But yesterday, TechCrunch and Erik Schonfeld sank to an abysmal new low.

In the article, which is so disjointed and pointless that it makes the average third–grader’s book report look like a master’s thesis, Shonfeld castigates DeviantART (an online artistic community composed of user–submitted works) for the fact that the one hundred millionth user submission, or “deviation” as they are styled, happens to be a gay sex story. I honestly can’t get what Shonfeld is going on about here. Is he offended by the subject matter, or just jealous that the people at DeviantArt actually produce something other than propaganda for Google and endless comedy material for those of us bagging on the CrunchPad? Or, as is most likely given that this is TecCrunch, is he just trolling for links to keep his master Arrington from busting out the cat-o-nine-tails and punishment dildo?

Whatever the motivation, the article is reprehensible. Seriously, how dare a jumped up tabloid like TechCrunch criticize DeviantART. It’s true that a large chunk of the material on DeviantART is, to be honest, crap, but so what. At least the people posting there are trying to express themselves artistically. I’d rather see a billion more gay, furry, S&M, Picard/Kirk fan-fiction stories than one more piece of textual feces shat forth from the keyboards of the pretentious twats at TechCrunch.