TechCrunch Jizzes Over an Apple/Google Story, Again

Someone should call up Michael Arrington and his cadre of scrotum washers over at TechCrunch and let them know that the “irrational Apple hatred” job is already taken by Rob Enderle, and Rob does a better job of it. Case in point, today’s post from so called Apple expert M.G. Siegler under the headline “Push Gmail Finally Comes To The iPhone, No Thanks To Apple.”

The background to the story is that Google Sync, which is merely Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, now supports Google Mail. Before today, Google Sync could only sync contacts and calendars. Before I go on, take some time and click through to the Google Sync page. Once there, take note of the options in the choose your phone dropdown. Note that, in addition to the iPhone there are a few other options, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Mobile among them.

Now check out the TechCrap story. Brace yourself for the righteous indignation being hurled at Research In Motion, Microsoft and Nokia due to their refusal to support native Google push email. Wait, you say there is no such indignation? You say that the only company the monkey—-feltchers at TechCrap bitch at is Apple. Well, surprise, sur—-fucking—-prise.

Seriously, I don’t know what Doucheington and crew hope to gain by their blindingly obvious campaign to turn every story that even tangentially involves Apple and Google into some sort of Watergatelike feat of investigative journalism. I suppose that one could go with Occam’s Razor and assume that they’re just attempting to utilize the Dvorak Method of linkbaiting, and to that end I’ve aided them. But I suspect a deeper motive, what that is remains to be seen.