Death Panels and Advocate Judges

Presented, for your moral outrage, one Antonin Scalia, who is of the opinion that innocence is no barrier to imposing the death penalty. There is so much to be said about this topic. but I have neither the time nor the available blood pressure. I will, however offer these brief thoughts:

This is the true face of the conservative movement in America. It’s not the deluded and delusional tools who answer Fox News’ call to disrupt healthcare town halls. It’s not the closet racists who are fast running out of slurs to throw at President Obama, and who seethe in frustration at the fact that a nigger is in the White House. It’s not even the corporate douchebags who are willing to play nice with anyone as long as the profits keep rolling in. All these are either tools or opportunists.

The true face of American conservative thought are men like Antonin Scalia. Men who are so absolutely amoral, that to call them “evil” is an insult to true evil. These are men who are so morally bankrupt, so locked into their psychotic fear of losing status and power that they are essentially sociopaths. These men cannot be reasoned with, they cannot be compromised with, they cannot even be ignored. They must be opposed at every opportunity, and ultimately destroyed.