Norwegian Consumer Protection Group Announces, “We’re Ineffectual Twats”

Back in September of last year I wrote a piece about the chuckle fucks in Norway ranting and raving about evil iTunes and its human rights violating DRM. In the ensuing shitstorm of responses from the forces of moral decency (aka cheap cocksuckers) it was pointed out, numerous times, that ranting at Apple over this issue was doing about as much good as pissing into the ocean; because it wasn’t Apple demanding the DRM, it was the record labels. Of course that point was lost on the cheaptards; because in their world, wishes are horses and they damn well are going to ride.

Cue today’s announcement that Norway is dropping its idiotic demands due to Apple and the record labels, agreeing to drop DRM in the iTunes music store.

Hope you arctic dipshits enjoyed your three years of windmill tilting. Now imagine how much faster we could have had this had you gone after the real problem instead of trying to gin up headlines.