Tech Pundits, Take Yo’ Meds!

For the love of sweet baby Zoroaster, what is it with the tech media and their never ending propensity to conflate the voices in their heads with reality? Case in point, here’s a blog post from Daniel Ionescu of PC World that I picked up via MacWorld. The gist of the post is simple: netbooks outsold iPhones for one quarter, therefore it’s time to announce that the time of the netbook has arrived. Of course, there is the usual leap of faith assertion that this development may also mean that Apple is on the verge of producing a netbook of their own.

Where to begin with this?

First, how about the fact that the overlap between the netbook market and the iPhone market is so miniscule that it heavily approximates the probability of Angelina Jolie walking into my office in the next hour and offering me sex. An iPhone is not a netbook; and, while an iPhone may be able to do many of the tasks that a netbook does, I don’t know of any netbooks that fit in my pocket. Besides, you look awfully retarded holding a netbook up to your head and calling mom.

Second, I know that you tech pundits have an all consuming desire to see Apple compete in every market in the known Universe; but you really need to stop mistaking the voices in your head for official Apple PR. Apple may, or it may not decide to produce an netbook. They may, or they may not decide to produce a mid-range desktop. Who knows, with Steve in charge they may even decide to produce a line of high end toaster ovens. But there is one thing I do know. The only thing that the voices in your head are good for is picking out the next hobo to skin.