Hope vs. Fear

I don’t think that I’m going to be able to write an in depth piece regarding the election; but I do want to get some of my thoughts down. To that end:

In all honesty, Barack Obama wasn’t my first choice during the primaries. The truth is, despite the cries of “most liberal Senator” (wait wasn’t that Kerry 4 years ago), and “socialist,” Barack Obama isn’t liberal enoughfor me. Seriously, to me, “socialist” is a good thing. Nonetheless, when it became apparent that the primary race was down to Clinton and Obama I resolved to support either of them in the general election. Not because I have any real loyalty to the Democratic party, but because I honestly feel that the country can not survive another four, let alone eight years of the policies currently espoused by the Republican party.

That being said. In the end I became an Obama believer. I think that the moment that it crystalized in my mind was Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Here was a candidate who was, for the first in a long time, preaching a message not of fear, but of hope. Now, it’s easy to make lofty proclamationsin an acceptance speech; but at every stage of the campaign, all the way to the historic speech that Obama gave last night, even in the midst of the current economic crisis Obama has spread a message of hope.

Hope in the inherent goodness of all the people of this country, not just those who share his ideology. Hope in future, which is ripe with opportunities to forge a truly great “new American century.” And hope that, together, we can be a great people once again.

And how did the McCain campaign respond to this message of hope? They responded in classic Karl Rove style: Fear. Fear that a Black man, with a funny sounding name must surely be up to something nefarious. Fear that the limp wristed pansies of the Democratic party wouldn’t have the moxie to defeat a bunch of terrorists. And fear that, apparently zombie Karl Marx was going to come around and “redistribute” all your precious “wealth.”

Here’s a hint for Mr. Rove. People can only live in fear for so long. Sooner or later, hope triumphs. It always does.