Friday Fabulous Forum Fucktard Follies

Hell, I’m bored. So I think I’ll start culling the gems of stupidity from various forums. If I have to experience this pain; so should you.

Kicking things off we have this winner from the Macworld Forums.

My facts are 100% correct!!! In my experience with the I-phone!!! Some of them are what I think about what it is… and it may not be the same with you.

I built navigation/HD technologies for the future. and I know how to use the i-phone to its limits. Personaly I don’t care what people may few about my comments… But they are my facts and they are correct. There are many things I did like about the G1 and it is an ugly phone… But it does make the i-phone a stupid phone and you want use for work and not playing games and stupid applications. Just take the touch off the I-phone and you go back to 1995 on the PC experience. Come on!!!! They can do better and I hope they will… because technology changes every second… and now they I-phone is behind to what is coming soon…

Yeah, it’s an iPhone killah rant (Rip should be thrilled). But what sets this one apart is the poster. H builds technologies for the future!!! THE FUTURE!!!!

And thus we have this week’s entry. Have fun fuckos!