Entitletard Holocaust

So, you may have heard that Apple recently released new MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Amongst various changes the shiny new MacBook now no longer has any sort of FireWire connectivity. Because we’re talking Apple here, and Apple “fans” are the biggest bunch of whiny entitletards on the face of the planet; this change has generated a veritable Large Hadron Collider’s worth of retarded bitching. The worst of the bunch though, which I present with minimal comment is the Macworld Forums discussion.

All I can really say is:




300 plus (at the time I’m writing this) posts of the most ignorant, entitled bullshit that I’ve ever seen. When you strip out the few posts by people with legitimate issues, those honestly seeking information, and my brother from another mother Bynkii trying to give people options (in his usual charming manner) you end up with a single refrain. “Apple owes me a shiny new laptop with all the fixins’. Gimme gimme gimme!”

It’s the fucking Entitletard Holocaust.