Goo Goo Googly Goodness

Back when the iPhone developers were still getting their whine on regarding the “Fucking NDA” and other Apple crimes against humanity (little known fact, the Geneva Conventions have a section regarding cell phone development) one of the more frequent refrains was “I’ll go develop for Android then.” Because, of course, a giant advertising company would automatically be more “open” (whatever the fuck that means); even though there has yet to be a single shred of evidence provided that the actual manufacturers and carriers will let you modify Android based phones in the slightest. But, hey, it’s Google, they can do no wrong; so they must be better than Apple. Right?

Imagine then, the utter shock that I experienced tho discover that Google is putting a application kill-switch into Android. SHOCKED I SAY!!! I can only react to this in one way.


Wait, let me catch my breath…


I’m going to make a prediction. The carriers are going to lock down your precious GooglePhones tighter than a drum; and your buddies at Google aren’t going to do a damn thing to fight it.