Not Everything is a Consumer “Right”

Tucked amid the financial doom and gloom this week was this annoying tidbit. Apparently some twat in Norway has decided to run his mouth some more about how Apple is required to make iTunes Store purchases interoperable with their competitors’ products…or else. I’m sorry, but this sort of shit enrages me. I am a advocate of consumer rights; but, once upon a time, “consumer rights” meant things like “your car doesn’t explode,” and “your food isn’t poison.” Not the current refrain of “wah, gimme what I want” that seems to be synonymous with the phrase now.

Here’s the facts for the simpletons out there who don’t get it. You have no right to demand that every thing that a corporation sells you be provided in any format that strikes your fancy. If you don’t like iPods, then buy your music from any of the dozens of alternate sources and play it on whatever the fuck you like.

And, in particular to Bjoern Erik Thon, fuck you in your frost-bitten, entitletard ear.