Tone Down The Hyperbole You Vapid Twats!

Ok, so July 2008 isn’t going to go down in the annals of Apple history as one of the company’s better months. The Mobile Me launch was handled badly at best, iPhone 3G demand exceeded supplies by a retarded margin (oy to have that problem), iPhone developers are still unbearably shackled by the “fucking” NDA, and Apple was abysmally late with a set of security updates. No one who isn’t a complete and utter tool would argue that any of the above-mentioned issues is a good thing; but really, does every single story involving them have to end with dire warnings of impending Apple-doom?

Yes, Apple screwed the pooch big time on a few different items here, but they’ve fucked up worse before, and I’ll bet you a shiny dime they fuck up worse sometime in the future. Look at this as a learning opportunity. In the meantime, here’s a desperate plea to the “journalists” out there. Tone down the FUD and breathless hyperbole; it only serves to insult your readers’ intelligence and make you look like a ninny. Thanks.


Apple is either “all marketing and PR” or “has worthless at PR.” Pick one, you can’t have both.